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Each product is being studied with the client, so the choose of the products will be the most suitable for every stage of working.


In this site there aree selected the principals categories of selling products, but Detercolor is available to prepare new products by paying attention to the client's indications.

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  • Acid Dyes

    CETILE, SUPRACETILE, CETINOL, CETANYL series for wool, nylon and mix
  • Antifoam

    silicon antifoam, easily dispersible in cold water. They eliminate foam
    instantly in aqueous solutions and prevent its formation if added to foamy
    liquids before being put under mechanical stress
    Non-silicon organic antifoam based on oxoalcohol conformulations with specific
    emulsification and esters for cases when foam is persistent and the absence of
    an oily carrier is preferred. The product is efficient both in chemical-physical
    and biological treatments as well as in conditioning the final effluents in
    depuration systems
  • Antistatic agents

    Antistatic agents for the spinning of polyester and wool, which
    lower the friction coefficient of the fibre and strongly reduces static
    electricity during the carding, spinning and twisting operations thus permitting
    more regular yarns
  • Basic Dyes

    CETACRYL series for dyeing acrilic fibres.

  • Bleachers

    High-penetration optical bleachers for cellulosic fibres used
    mainly in high temperature oxygenated water bleaching. Suitable also for stample
    rayon bleaching and for the bleaching of mercerised cotton. They make whites
    ultra-bright and can be used also in foulard whit highly concentration.
    Stabilising whiteners for cellulosic and animal fibres, with and
    without optical bleachers (plv
  • De-aerators

    De-aerators-wettability agents-antifoam in wool, cotton and PAC cone dyeing; for high temperatures and strong turbulence, wit excellent electrolyte, acid and diluted alkaline stability
  • DELUX dyes

    Colorant for dyeing with precationic treatement  by Chematex C
  • De-sizers

    Bacterial diastase, enzymatic amylase which can be applied to any kind of equipment, either continuous or discontinuous for the removal of sizes.
  • Direct dyes

    DIAFTAMINA series for cotton fibres

    Cetapol Series for poliester
  • Dispersants

    Anionic agents for the dyeing of polyester with dispersed colours,
    for dyeing polyester-reserve wool and cellulose; Non-ionogenic for dyeing
    polyacrylonitrilic fibres with polyamidic or cellulosic wool/fibre.
    Dispersants-buffer solutions for enzymatic washing of denim
  • Enzymes

    Cellulase for stonewashing denim, used for the degradation of cotton instead of pumice-stone. A highly concentrated liquid cellulase enzyme which works maintaining clean the white part of denim like the neutral cellulase. Cellulase for antipilling for cellulose and its derivatives. Results in the elimination of dead cotton formed before or after dyeing. Excellent results can be obtained in velvet finishing. These products improve the feel,
    especially in open end spinning. Resulting colours appear more uniform and there
    is no shadow effects that produce pilling. In addition the appearance of prints
    is notably improved
  • Equalisers

    General purpose equaliser for wool and mixes for dyeing with metallocomplessi 1:2. Equalisers for wool- polyamides for reactive acidic and metallocomplessi dyes. Equaliser-dispersants for wool-acrylics dying in one time. Equalisers for direct dyes. Equaliser-dispersant-white preservative for prints.
  • Fixing agents

    Fixing agents for cellulosic fibres are used like formaldehyde-free fixing agents in dyeing with direct and reactive dyes for a net improvement in wet fastness (water, sweat) without excessively altering the nuance of the dye and the softness of the fibre. Can be applied after dyeing both in exhaustion tub whit high rapport between fibres and water, and foulard continuously tub. Can be used in together with softeners, resins; fixing agents for direct dyes with minimum colour change towards red, yellow or with no colour change at
  • Fulling agents

    Fulling agents for universal
    treatemente of wool. It allow to wash in neutral bath with a ending hand very
    softly, uniform and appreciate effect.
  • H2O2 Stabilisers

    Silicon-free peroxide accelerators-stabilisers for whitening used for stabilising peroxide bleaching alkaline tubs and for regulating the formation of whitening oxygen in the treatment both of cellulosic fibres, animal fibre and their mixes.
  • metalcomplex dyes

    CHEMALENE and CETALAN series for wool and nylon
  • Moth-repellent and antibacteric products

    non-toxic repellent for moths, rug coleopteran (antrens), fur coleopteran (attagens) and their larvae and other antibacteric products.
  • No-fluting agents

    Non-foaming Polymer no-fluting agents with softening-lubricating
    properties used for the prevention of creases and flute for all kinds of dyeing
    equipment including windlass and jets. Also used to eliminate the "frosting"
    effect in silk and the effects of "blanchissure". Anti-felting No-fluting agents
    for the elimination of glues, particularly non-flour based glues thus avoiding
    lines on the clothing
  • Oxidants - Antioxidants

    Organic oxydants-anti-reductants for cotton, possessing high oxidising power with gradual oxygen development both in moderately alkaline tubs for bleaching wool and in caustic alkaline tubs for the simultaneous bleaching with the scouring of cellulosic fibres Antioxydant reductants neutralise oxygenated water in presence of alkali, and at temperatures of no lower than 50°C, so the addition of this product in the first hot rinse permits dyeing with direct and reactive dyes in new water, without further

    Poliuretanic pigments for rapid dyeing, at low temperature and without dirting washing machines.
  • Pumice-stone, natural and synthetic

    White natural pumice stone and sintetic pumice stone for stone washing treatements

    CETACRON and CETAZOL series for cotton and cellulosic fibres (dyeing with 80°C and 60°C)
  • Resins

    Non-ionic vinyl resins, vinyl dispersions for the textile industry. These give the treated fabric a very dry and strong hand. Their low viscosity and their perfect dilutability in water, in whatever ratio, make them easy to use and stable for several hours.
  • Sequestering agents

    Non-organic sequestering agents are suitable as softeners for hard water as they inhibit the precipitation of Ca+ Mg+ ions. Selective sequestering agents solely for the ion Fe++; highly biodegradable starch sugar derivative sequestering agents.
  • Soap powder for washing machines

    Washing, bleaching and detergent powders, free of anionic surface-active agents, with low foam content and suspensive properties against impurities and lubricants found in the fibre. Ph-free (neutral) soap
    particularly suitable for woolen fabrics.
  • Softeners agents

    • Non-silicon softeners based on esters and fatty acid amides to give the material a nice soft.

    • Self-reticulating siliconic emulsions to give both natural and synthetic fibre textiles a permanently elastic finishing and major resistance to dry and wet cleaning.

    • Silicon amminofunctional microemulsion particularly recommended for fibres which need a particularly smooth and soft effect
  • Special products

    Different kind of chemical product unclasified in other cathegories.
  • Waxes

    waxes with softening and lubrifying qualities with antistatic action, which
    unlike natural waxes do not yellow even after prolonged stock.; warping glues
    for all fibres, which provide an elastic film with excellent adhesivity and
    lubrification of the yarn
  • Wettability agents - Detergents

    Almost foamless detergents, with excellent dispersion and emulsifying properties. Can be used in all imbibation and washing operations for all kinds of fibre. These products keep waxes and grease in suspension and are thus eliminated through a simple washing
  • White preservative

    Dispersant agents for denim wash in the desize (shrinking) phase
    and in the after-wash where it works as a maintain clean the white



Chemical products and auxiliaries for the textile industry

Products for the treatment of fabrics in textile works.

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